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We all have responsibility in protecting children

Excerpt from Missoulian.com. By: BART KLIKA I remember feeling helpless, but, man, I had been there before. Watching a 20-something father trying to convince his screaming and kicking daughter that it was time to leave the park reminded me of the countless times I have been faced with a similar dilemma. As a bystander, I wanted to help, but how? Should I go talk to the dad? Should I ignore the situation altogether – after all, shouldn’t I mind my own darn business? In the …

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Get involved!

April’s arrival brings with it the potential for many wonderful memories with the children you love. Winter melts away to the blossom of spring, the Easter bunny brings eggs and candy for kids to find and enjoy, and park days and outdoor adventures become regular weekend activities. April also marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month and National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. What better time to take action and protect children, creating safer environments for them to develop happy memories free of the trauma of child sexual …

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