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The role of educators in prevention

Educators may be the single most important group in the prevention and recognition of child sexual abuse. Not only do they see and work with large numbers of children every day, but children who disclose abuse often tell a teacher. In fact, educators are the source of over half of the abuse reports made by professionals to the authorities. How can we let sexual abuse happen to our community’s children when there are effective and inexpensive strategies for both prevention and intervention? Training for educators, …

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The need for educational reform

Government agencies and educational institutions constantly work together to develop strategies to improve academic achievement, particularly for children who are disadvantaged. The problem is that in many cases, we are treating a symptom rather than the root issue. Even the best educational strategies mean nothing to a child traumatized by sexual abuse. So how does child sexual abuse relate to academic achievement? The answer might surprise you. Research shows that children who are sexually abused perform at far lower levels than those who haven’t experienced …

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Teacher Sentenced to 25 years for sexual abuse

A former teacher was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the molestation of at least nine boys in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and overseas. He used his position of trusted authority as a babysitter, camp counselor, Boy Scout leader, high school teacher, tutor and foreign exchange host to groom his victims. By presenting himself as a caring mentor and friend, he was able to gain their trust, as well as their families. One of his victim’s, Robert Burzee, 40 and in jail for theft, …

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