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TODAY show interview with Dottie Sandusky was damaging and unnecessary

Yesterday, Dottie Sandusky appeared on the TODAY show along with filmmaker John Ziegler to share her perspective on her husband, Jerry Sandusky. Throughout the interview, Ms. Sandusky defended her husband’s innocence, questioned evidence and facts surrounding the case, and accused victims of being motivated by financial gain. Since Jerry Sandusky’s 2012 conviction, many people have speculated about what exactly Dottie knew. How could she so blindly support her husband in the face of so much evidence? The answer is this – we don’t know what …

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Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary says he was a victim of child sexual abuse

Read the entire article from ESPN here. A former assistant football coach and key prosecution witness in the upcoming conspiracy trial of three former Penn State leaders accused of covering up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse crimes told his players during a November 2011 closed-door meeting that he, too, was sexually abused as a boy, sources told ESPN The Magazine. Mike McQueary confided to a dozen Nittany Lions players that he could relate to the helplessness of the young boy he had seen with Sandusky in …

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Sandusky “Victim 10″ Speaks Out About Abuse

This week, ABC News Philadelphia shared the first public interview with “Victim 10″ from the Sandusky trial, who settled his case against Penn State on Tuesday. The interview reveals an all too familiar pattern. Our Stewards of Children® child sexual abuse prevention training addresses issues such as grooming, one-on-one situations, secrets, and long-term effects. The importance of these topics is emphasized by Victim 10′s story, which unfortunately provides a textbook example of child sexual abuse. “Jerry Sandusky took an instant liking to me,” he said. “He …

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Dear TODAY Show – No one wants to hear from Jerry Sandusky

This morning, the “TODAY Show” released audio recordings from telephone interviews between the incarcerated Jerry Sandusky and filmmaker John Ziegler. Early in his appearance on the show, Ziegler asserted, “Jerry Sandusky already had his day in court.” And yet, this morning, the world was forced to listen to him once more – as he laughed about “sex” in the shower and discussed the validity of testimonies and due process. From the beginning, long before I came to Darkness to Light, the testimony of Jerry Sandusky …

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Jolie Logan, President & CEO of Darkness to Light, reflects on 2012 and looks ahead to 2013 in this feature interview by The Post & Courier

Darkness to Light leader looks ahead after high-profile sex abuse cases By Jennifer Berry Hawes, The Post & Courier - posted Saturday January 5, 2013 Photo: (Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com) 12/31/12 Just weeks after Logan was named president and CEO of the child sexual abuse prevention group, a yearlong onslaught of headlines began to reveal everything from horrific locker room shower assaults at Penn State to porn and masturbation sessions with summer campers at The Citadel. And it didn’t stop with Sandusky and ReVille. Longtime BBC children’s television …

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D2L Spreecast – LIVE Q&A With Director of Programs

We’re very excited to invite everyone to our first LIVE Spreecast. TODAY at 2:00 (EST), Director of Programs Cindy McElhinney will be available to answer live questions from our D2L office in Charleston, SC. Cindy will be discussing “Lessons Learned from Sandusky.” Come ready with questions and thoughts, and let’s generate a great prevention-focused conversation on child sexual abuse! To join in the conversation, visit this link - http://www.spreecast.com/events/sandusky-lessons-learned.

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The Verdict is In – Guilty on 45 Counts!

First, we would like to say that we are happy that justice has been served. We applaud the courage of the survivors who came forward to see that Jerry Sandusky pays for the crimes he committed. By sharing their painful story with the world, these men ensured that other children would be saved from this predator.  That courage has been rewarded with this decision. Now that we know Sandusky’s fate, we hope the victims and their families, the Centre County community and the nation can …

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When One on One is a Red Flag – Lessons from Sandusky – Lesson #3

Abusers create opportunities to spend time alone with children.  If you minimize one adult – one child situations, you greatly reduce the risk of abuse. One can easily conclude based on testimony from the trial that Sandusky spent an inordinate amount of time with children outside the presence of other adults or children.  Predators prefer spending time with children over adult interactions.  They will go out of there way to appear overly helpful to busy parents or a single parent.  Be very vigilant about anyone …

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Lessons from Sandusky – Lesson #2 – Grooming Thru Gift Giving

Be on the lookout for an adult or older youth that singles out children with gifts, special privileges, or preferential treatment.  Sandusky’s victims testified that he gave them expensive gifts, took them to bowl games, and gave them tickets and access at Penn State football games.  Gift giving is an important part of the grooming process.  They are used to gain trust and favor and set an expectation that they might go away if the child does not comply with the wishes of the perpetrator.  …

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Lessons from Sandusky – Lesson #1 – Tickling Taken Too Far

We can learn a lot from a prolific pedophile like Sandusky. This week we’ll take a look at how we can better protect children from others like him. Lesson 1: Be on the lookout for an adult or older youth inappropriately touching or tickling a child.  Abusers touch or handle children in ways that are inappropriate to test limits and push boundaries. They begin with non-sexual touches like a hand on the thigh, stroking the hair, or massaging the back.  They also use roughhousing or …

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