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Coming to My Daughter’s Rescue

By Svava Brooks My amazing relationship with Darkness to Light began in 2003. By then, I had been on my healing journey for 10 years, dealing with the burden of pain and shame I carried from my sexually abused childhood. At this point in my healing, I realized prevention information is vital, and I wanted to do something about it. I knew if the adults in my family had been educated about how to respond to a suspicion of abuse, chances are I wouldn’t have …

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He Wrote It Down

Excerpt from inotherwords.com My beautiful cousin, who I’d not seen in 35 years, and I set out to dance on our grandfather’s grave. Our first dilemma was, of course, song choice. You have to have the right song. We bandied a few song titles about, Alanis Morrisette was a front runner. Obviously. We drove to the town where he lived, and where he is buried. We drove to the town where we were abused. Driving down the picturesque New England roads, I felt a little …

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Inspector: No sign of investigation in 1,111 New Orleans sex crime-related calls

Excerpt from CNN.com The report is full of harrowing details alleging that five New Orleans Police Department detectives in the special victims unit may have failed to investigate sex crimes over a three-year period. But one case stands out. According to the seven-page document released Wednesday by the city’s Office of Inspector General, a 2-year-old was brought to a hospital emergency room after an alleged sexual assault. Tests would show the toddler had a sexually transmitted disease, the report said. The detective in the case, …

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Jewish Watchdog Group Challenges Child Sexual Abuse Taboo

Excerpt from israelnationalnews.com One thousand Orthodox Jews crowded into a Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY hall Monday evening for a noble purpose: to raise awareness of, and educate themselves about, child sexual abuse – an issue all too often avoided as taboo within some circles. The highly charged event served as an opportunity to show support to victims of abuse, to educate the public about the dangers of abuse and to present the relaunch of Jewish Community Watch (JCW), a watchdog group monitoring abuse in the …

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Learn the Signs of Sexual Abuse – A School Counselors Story

Story by Nancy Corley, director of family and child well-being at The Alliance of SWMO and Darkness to Light authorized facilitator. Excerpt from theallianceofswmo.org. I was a school counselor in a small, K through 12, private school in another state. Mostly my work days were filled with scheduling issues, arranging standardized test taking, assigning advanced placement rosters, talking with ambitious parents about college prep for their children, and the occasional recalcitrant child with an attitude problem. One day the school nurse asked me if I …

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How should I react?

Do you know how to respond if you discover or suspect child sexual abuse is occurring?

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