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TODAY show interview with Dottie Sandusky was damaging and unnecessary

Yesterday, Dottie Sandusky appeared on the TODAY show along with filmmaker John Ziegler to share her perspective on her husband, Jerry Sandusky. Throughout the interview, Ms. Sandusky defended her husband’s innocence, questioned evidence and facts surrounding the case, and accused victims of being motivated by financial gain. Since Jerry Sandusky’s 2012 conviction, many people have speculated about what exactly Dottie knew. How could she so blindly support her husband in the face of so much evidence? The answer is this – we don’t know what …

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Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary says he was a victim of child sexual abuse

Read the entire article from ESPN here. A former assistant football coach and key prosecution witness in the upcoming conspiracy trial of three former Penn State leaders accused of covering up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse crimes told his players during a November 2011 closed-door meeting that he, too, was sexually abused as a boy, sources told ESPN The Magazine. Mike McQueary confided to a dozen Nittany Lions players that he could relate to the helplessness of the young boy he had seen with Sandusky in …

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Sandusky’s son makes first public appearance in support of Penn State film

Matt Sandusky, adopted son of convicted child sexual abuser Jerry Sandusky, recently attended the Sundance Film Festival premiere of “Happy Valley.” This documentary sheds light on the infamous abuse scandal and its impact on the Penn State community. It was the younger Sandusky’s first public appearance since bravely coming forward to testify against his father in 2012. Over 90% of child sexual abuse victims are abused by someone they know and trust. “My role in the film was to share the perspective of a survivor, to give survivors …

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Penn State students put feet down to stamp out child sexual abuse

By Centre Daily Times reporter, Mike Dawson — mdawson@centredaily.com UNIVERSITY PARK — A Penn State student-organized walk raised more than $8,300 that will be used to educate local people about preventing and recognizing child [sexual] abuse. Donning dark blue T-shirts, about 100 students looped around campus Wednesday for the walk sponsored by Penn State’s chapter of Darkness to Light, a national organization dedicated to stopping child [sexual] abuse. Joining them was Jay Paterno, the honorary chairman of the walk. Student organizer Lance Chappelle said his …

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Sandusky “Victim 10” Speaks Out About Abuse

This week, ABC News Philadelphia shared the first public interview with “Victim 10” from the Sandusky trial, who settled his case against Penn State on Tuesday. The interview reveals an all too familiar pattern. Our Stewards of Children® child sexual abuse prevention training addresses issues such as grooming, one-on-one situations, secrets, and long-term effects. The importance of these topics is emphasized by Victim 10’s story, which unfortunately provides a textbook example of child sexual abuse. “Jerry Sandusky took an instant liking to me,” he said. “He …

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Dear TODAY Show – No one wants to hear from Jerry Sandusky

This morning, the “TODAY Show” released audio recordings from telephone interviews between the incarcerated Jerry Sandusky and filmmaker John Ziegler. Early in his appearance on the show, Ziegler asserted, “Jerry Sandusky already had his day in court.” And yet, this morning, the world was forced to listen to him once more – as he laughed about “sex” in the shower and discussed the validity of testimonies and due process. From the beginning, long before I came to Darkness to Light, the testimony of Jerry Sandusky …

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Presidents, Pastors, Principals and Superintendents – Wake Up!

Amidst all of the political shenanigans, world coming-to-an-end drama and heart-wrenching tragedy of the last few months, some may have missed that charges of perjury, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children were filed against former Penn State President Graham Spanier. This should make leaders of all child-serving organizations do more than just pause. This is a wake-up call to those in leadership positions that protecting children, as my dear colleague, Retired Lt. Bill Walsh likes to say “is not a spectator sport.” Much will be …

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Together we are one – moving forward in Centre County

We support a new effort launched by the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County in response to the NCAA sanctions levied on Penn State — provided the whole message is communicated and embraced. Posters are popping up around the county, each bearing the open-ended phrase “Together we are one — moving forward.” The campaign plays off the traditional Beaver Stadium cheer: “We are … Penn State.” It also proclaims that as members of this community we should work together to respond to our …

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Penn State Walk for Prevention

We’re excited to announce the Penn State Walk for Prevention! One month ago, we were contacted by some compassionate students at PSU who wanted to make a difference in their community. Having been shocked and saddened by the situation at Penn State (a school they loved), these students were resolved to turn this terrible reality into an opportunity to work towards a more positive future. These students wanted to show that Penn State still had a strong heartbeat, and they wanted to show off the …

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Town of State College, PA Teams With Darkness to Light

“As part of our commitment, every State College Borough employee is receiving training through the Stewards of Children – Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training program, a nationally available program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change child-protective behavior. This training is also being offered free of charge to all residents through online and in-class trainings. To find out more about Stewards of Children, contact Cameron Frantz at (814) 237-7717 or email cfrantz@ymcaofcentrecounty.org.” – State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham Read more here.

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