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Home not a safe place for abused kids

Delaware State News by Craig Anderson DOVER — Earl Bradley and Jerry Sandusky are names the public recognizes as predators. But there are scores of less recognized names committing child abuse every day. And many are relatives or people who shares the homes of the children they are abusing. Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware officials said these abusers account for nearly 85 percent of cases. In Fiscal Year 2012, the CAC investigated 1,302 cases of reported child sex abuse cases — about 3.5 per day. “People are …

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D2L CEO, Jolie Logan, presents at annual meeting of Attorneys General in Alaska

On June 20th Jolie spoke at the annual AG meeting in Anchorage Alaska.  With the issue of child sexual abuse on top of mind of all Americans but especially on those who are responsible for law enforcement and criminal justice, Jolie called on the AGs to use their voice and influence to get others in their state involved in prevention and to insist that youth serving organization’s use education and policy to raise the bar in how we care for our children.  Jolie impressed upon …

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