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The Georgia Initiative: We don’t do this alone

Darkness to Light exists only because organizations and individuals around the nation take responsibility for preventing child sexual abuse in their own communities. It is an issue which affects each and every one of us — and when we all come together big things can happen. Georgia is a stellar example of this, and we are excited to share with you some of the amazing work that’s been happening there. The Georgia Initiative to prevent child sexual abuse is one of the oldest ongoing initiatives …

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Child Advocacy Center holds official opening – Carroll County, Georgia

The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center has been in operation about two months now, but center leaders and local municipal officials on Thursday made the opening official. Board members and their children and grandchildren lined up near the center’s outdoor sign to cut the traditional ribbon, while camera shutters clicked and officials offered their praises. The center is located at 306 Bradley St., Carrollton, in the old mill building which also houses the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Center. “I thank each of you for your …

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Lumpkin County Reaches The Tipping Point!

Congratulations to Lumpkin County, Georgia, for reaching the Tipping Point! By training 5 percent of their population in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children prevention program, they’ve joined a host of other regions, counties, and states that are taking a stand against child sexual abuse. Lumpkin County’s number is 1,186. What’s yours?

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Increasing in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Awareness is rising.  Earlier in the year, the City of Sandy of Springs awarded a grant to theGeorgia Center for Child Advocacy. The purpose of the grant is to train adults on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The delivery mechanism to raise awareness, and change behavior, is a program called Stewards of Children (SOC).  The kick-off for prevention started in June with a “Prevent Now!” breakfast hosted by City Councilman Chip Collins and resulted in a number of trainings being scheduled. St. Jude …

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Sandy Springs Grant Spreading Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Earlier this year the City of Sandy Springs awarded a grant to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy to train 600 adults that live, work, or play in Sandy Springs on how to prevent child sexual abuse. The intent is to raise awareness in the community about the personal and societal effects of child sexual abuse.  The three hour training (called “Stewards of Children”) will also teach adults things to look for in potential predators, how to identify signs of sexual abuse, the questions to ask …

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Chicks with Sticks

Facilitators from Carroll, Heard, and Haralson Counties in Georgia are now a part of the newly named West Georgia Partners to Prevent. During a recent Stewards training a Carrollton knitting group, Chicks with Sticks, knitted these facilitators (pictured below) green scarves to show their appreciation for the unified group. West Georgia Partners to Prevent have trained over 300 students at the University of West Georgia! They have also made trainings mandatory for early childhood education students and counselors. Way to go West Georgia Partners to …

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One woman on a mission in Carroll County GA

Emily Cole of Carrollton Presbyterian Church is on a personal mission to protect the children of Carroll County Georgia from child sexual abuse. Emily is an authorized facilitator of Stewards of Children and along with fellow facilitator, Jill Hesterlee, the two have trained almost 700 adults in Carroll County in the past year! Targeting educators, faith-based groups and even the police departments of Carrollton and Villa Rica, they are working tirelessly at educating the community on the importance of prevention.  Through a series of community …

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Lumpkin County School district in GA trains all of its educators

A big shout out to the Lumpkin County School District for training 100% of their staff in Stewards of Children.   Lumpkin County becomes the first school district in the state of GA to accomplish this important goal.  We applaud Superintendent, Dewey Moye, and all of the teachers for taking this giant step towards the prevention of child sexual abuse!  Read more here.

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Tonya Craft, Former Georgia Teacher, Acquitted of Molestation Charges

If you haven’t heard about the allegations against Georgia teacher Tonya Craft, catch-up HERE Now Here’s our take… The headlines read the same for most networks and cable news. But what is not being said is that verified research indicates that the vast majority of children who disclose sexual abuse are telling the truth. Adults need to listen, believe and take action on behalf of all children who tell of being sexually violated. When there are false accusations it most frequently occurs in and around …

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Lily Pad Teams With Georgia to Launch Child Abuse Initiative

ALBANY, Ga. — In the long run, it costs less to prevent child abuse than it does to investigate it. In light of that, state and area officials have teamed up to launch the “Stewards of Children” initiative to combat the problem. The initiative, led by the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, is aimed at training adults in protective measures. As of November 2009, nearly 300 facilitators have trained close to 11,000 people through the program. Find out MORE about what’s going on in Georgia!!

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