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Lessons of Motherhood

I have to admit, I’m not a helicopter mom. At least I don’t think I am. I remember one of the very first lessons I learned as a new mother. I read that if your kid trips and falls down, you’re not supposed to rush to their side with an overly excited, “Are you ok?” Something about that response teaches them that whatever just happened was supposed to hurt them, even if it didn’t. And I guess that kind of laid the groundwork for my …

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The Vagina (and Penis) Dialogues

It was a perfect afternoon for a bike ride, breezy and springtime bright. My husband, Bill, and I unloaded our bikes and passed them to our children, who stood waiting by our side. “I need a new seat,” I said nonchalantly, handing my bike to our daughter, 11. “This one really hurts my pubic bone.” Last season, we had switched the offending seat from Bill’s bike, because, well … “… it made my penis numb,” Bill jumped in. “Daaadd!” our son, 14, whisper-shouted. “Yeah,” I …

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