You can help stop child sexual abuse

Excerpt from Patti Marlowe used to think all child sexual predators looked like monsters. “I didn’t think I knew one,” she said, “much less that I was married to one for 10 years.” After Marlowe remarried, her 16-year-old daughter revealed a terrible secret: Marlowe’s ex-husband — the girl’s stepfather — had sexually abused her for years. The man used fear to keep the girl quiet. If she told her mother, he told her, her mother would kill him and go to jail, and the girl would be alone. “My little girl thought she was protecting...
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More than 3,000 Child Advocates

Excerpt from More than 3,000 people have gone through training to help combat the difficult issue of child sexual abuse, according to Scars chairman Jon Brunson. Addressing the Hamilton Rotary Club yesterday afternoon, Mr Brunson said that since 2011, around 3,211 people have been certified through the charity’s Stewards of Children training programme, which is aimed at helping people spot, prevent and react responsibly to the issue of child sex abuse. Among those who have gone through the certification process were representatives from 42 schools, police officers, sports clubs and a host of...
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Nez Perce Tribal Members Trained to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

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One in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. Non-Indian men commit more than 80 percent of sex crimes on reservations. And 90 percent of children who are sexually abused know their abuser.

Those statistics were part of the Nez Perce tribe's recent Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence conference, where attendees learned about strategies for prevention. Nez Perce Indian child social worker Jeanette Pinkham says the lifelong consequences of being abused carry a steep price tag, and yet nearly every instance didn't have to happen. "What we're
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Pope Francis – “God weeps for the sexual abuse of children”

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Pope Francis spent part of his final day in Philadelphia meeting with past victims of child sexual abuse, promising retribution against those culpable for the Catholic church scandal that reached a fever pitch in the early 2000s. The pope expressed his warning to American bishops accused of covering up for sexually abusive priests at the start of a 30-minute meeting at the San Carlo Borromeo seminary on Sunday, according to Head Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. In the half hour meeting, the pontiff talked to and prayed with the three women

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Nearly 6,000 Adults Trained to Fight Child Sexual Abuse

Excerpt from One in 10 children will suffer some form of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday, according to Darkness to Light, a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness of and educates on child sexual abuse. Using Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children training program, Centre County is fighting that statistic. By mid-August, 5,822 adults in Centre County ― or about 5 percent of the adult population ― went through the two-and-a-half-hour Stewards of Children preventative child sexual abuse training. Darkness to Light encourages every community to educate 5 percent of its population to prevent,...
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Children Deserve Protection from Sexual Abuse

Lyndon Haviland, CEO Darkness to Light Erin Merryn, Erin’s Law The documentary “Breaking the Silence” is the beginning of a conversation – now it’s time to take action. On Sunday, August 30th, TLC in partnership with Darkness to Light and RAINN, will air the premiere of “Breaking the Silence”, a documentary that takes a hard look at the problem of child sexual abuse.  We will learn from the stories of several courageous survivors that child sexual abuse is pervasive and that its effect on children is devastating and long lasting.  We learn that it is a complex problem that...
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First Line of Defense

By: Paula Sellars, M.S.W., Author/Director, Stewards of Children

Safe adults are the first line of defense against child sexual abuse (CSA). In fact, the adults in a child’s life are most responsible for whether sexual abuse occurs because adults are most capable of the judgment and skill that CSA prevention requires. Understanding how sexual predators groom children is actually quite nuanced. Reducing the opportunity for sexual abuse in organizations takes planning and knowledge. Talking to children about their body boundaries in an age appropriate, non-scary way is a skill. These skills don’t simply come with being an adult. A safe adult is...
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5% of Centre County Adults are Now Empowered to Protect Children

We at D2L congratulate Pennsylvania's Centre County community for reaching a tipping point in prevention! Tipping Point GraphicBy training five percent of the adult population in families, schools, and youth serving organizations like the YMCA with Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention program, they are creating a new standard of safety. Tipping points occur when issues gain momentum and ignite, and a relatively small amount of people can effect change on a societal level. Darkness to Light encourages every community to educate five percent of its population to...
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Thank You Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Mark Takano

Positive-PetitionThank you Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Mark Takano for your commitment to end child sexual abuse by sponsoring the "Helping Schools Protect Our Children Act." We would like to offer support and thanks for your authorship and unwavering support of this bill. Background: The "Helping Schools Protect Our Children Act," allows states and school districts to use federal grants to provide professional development to school personnel regarding how to recognize child sexual abuse. These personnel include: teachers, principals, specialized instructional support personnel, and paraprofessionals. The Act was first introduced in...
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Educators who suspected child abuse say they were told to check with parents first

Excerpt from by Martha Stoddard / World-Herald Bureau LINCOLN — A dispute sparked by a student arriving at school with a scratched face and dried, smelly feces on his hands and wrists wound up in court Monday. North Platte teacher Christie Copper and school guidance counselor Stephen Spiehs reported the late March incident to state authorities as suspected child abuse or neglect. On Monday, the two filed a complaint in Lincoln County District Court claiming that school administrators responded to the case by directing them to check with parents before making future reports. “The...
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