Q&A With “Happy Valley” Director Amir Bar-Lev

Excerpt from sportsillustrated.com If you go into “Happy Valley,” the new documentary by filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev, looking for a takedown of late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, you’re not going to find it. Nor will you find a bashing of the Penn State administration, Penn State students or Penn State fans. The film rehashes the crimes of longtime assistant coach Jerry Sandusky but does not solely dwell on them. Bar-Lev (“The Tillman Story”) offers a clinical examination of hot-button themes — a football-first mindset, …

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College of Charleston Kappa Delta’s have raised over $170,000 for D2L

As a Kappa Delta, as well as an intern for Darkness to Light, it has been extremely eye opening to merge two of my biggest passions. One of the reasons I was drawn to Kappa Delta Sorority was because of their connection to fighting childhood sexual abuse. Through Kappa Delta Sorority I have had the opportunity to support the cause of preventing childhood sexual abuse with Darkness to Light. Not only do we raise money for D2L, but our whole chapter has been trained in …

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Darkness to Light training educates on the child sexual abuse ‘epidemic’

Excerpt from reporternewspapers.net Three years ago, my friend Lane Olives and I sat in the training room at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GCCA) for the first time. Lane had been a supporter of the center for several years, and convinced me and a few other moms to go to a “Darkness To Light” training session at the center. I was a bit anxious about the information I was about to learn – child sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic, and one that I …

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Introducing: Darkness to Light’s Survivor Stories of Hope and Resilience

Darkness to Light is proud to unveil, Survivor Stories of Hope and Resilience. Survivor Stories features all 8 survivors from Stewards of Children, sharing their personal experiences. Each unique story provides a deeper look at how these survivors portrays the message of hope and resilience. Guerry Glover “Abuse happens..It can unravel and cause lots of damage, or you can stop it, interrupt it, and limit the collateral damage.” Click here to watch Guerry’s story. Margaret Hoelzer “The worst thing that sexual abuse does to people is …

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Powerful Photos of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

Excerpt from time.com Lorena Ros, a Spain-based photojournalist, has been documenting abuse of power in various countries around the world. Her first book, Unspoken, a testimony in pictures and words of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, brings her home to a widespread human tragedy that has rarely been photographed. In the car, on our way to the train-station, my aunt asked me if I had mentioned anything to my mother about the ‘incident…’ I was shocked. It was something that had remained unspoken for …

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Jewish Watchdog Group Challenges Child Sexual Abuse Taboo

Excerpt from israelnationalnews.com One thousand Orthodox Jews crowded into a Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY hall Monday evening for a noble purpose: to raise awareness of, and educate themselves about, child sexual abuse – an issue all too often avoided as taboo within some circles. The highly charged event served as an opportunity to show support to victims of abuse, to educate the public about the dangers of abuse and to present the relaunch of Jewish Community Watch (JCW), a watchdog group monitoring abuse in the …

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Prevention begins with a willingness to talk

Excerpt from RoyalGazette.com “People don’t want to think about sexual abuse, or think it can’t happen to their child, but we can’t stop something we don’t talk about,” said Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (SCARS) founder Debi Ray-Rivers. “Doing nothing is a choice.” Mrs Ray-Rivers, a survivor of sexual abuse, is extremely passionate about protecting children. Also the executive director of the charity, which launched in 2011, she said SCARS’ mission was to shed light on this “dark subject through awareness, one adult at a …

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Protecting Children with Autism from Sexual Abuse

Excerpt from article in The Tennessean. It’s a taboo that parents at the Brown Center for Autism don’t want to talk about. Their children, and all kids with developmental disabilities, are four times more likely to be sexually abused than their peers. That’s especially scary for parents of children who cannot speak. Protecting those children is the idea behind a training program gathering momentum in Nashville — an approach that Juli Liske, founder of the Brown Center, thinks holds great promise for guarding against the …

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“The enemy of each and every child is silence.”

On May 12, Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein delivered a powerful, moving message at the University of Pennsylvania. He calls upon each of us to no longer remain silent, to speak out against abuse, and to ensure the children in our lives and communities are protected.

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Big Ten schools use bowl revenues to support children

By Jessica Buterbaugh for Penn State News UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — For the second consecutive year, Big Ten Conference officials have approved the equal distribution of what would have been Penn State’s share of football bowl game revenues to 2013-14 Big Ten member universities. The 12 schools, including Penn State, must distribute the funds to child-focused organizations in their local communities as they deem appropriate. Last year, Penn State worked with the Centre County United Way (CCUW) to determine where these funds were most needed. …

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