Jared Fogle and the Denial of Child Sexual Abuse

[Jared Fogle (C) is led from federal court in Indianapolis, Indiana August 19, 2015. REUTERS/Susan Guyett] By Lyndon Haviland, MPH, DrPH Yet another high profile child sexual abuse scandal is in the news.  Yesterday, former subway pitchman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in federal prison after pleading guilty to child pornography and sex charges. While Fogle had the book thrown at him, the nation is missing an opportunity to move from shock and dismay into action.  We do not need another high …

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Did You Know?

                             Help us tell the world that one million is not enough. Share this graphic to help spread awareness of the issue and then join the Darkness to Light movement to protect children at www.D2L.org/JoinUs.

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First Line of Defense

By: Paula Sellars, M.S.W., Author/Director, Stewards of Children Safe adults are the first line of defense against child sexual abuse (CSA). In fact, the adults in a child’s life are most responsible for whether sexual abuse occurs because adults are most capable of the judgment and skill that CSA prevention requires. Understanding how sexual predators groom children is actually quite nuanced. Reducing the opportunity for sexual abuse in organizations takes planning and knowledge. Talking to children about their body boundaries in an age appropriate, non-scary …

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Educators who suspected child abuse say they were told to check with parents first

Excerpt from Omaha.com by Martha Stoddard / World-Herald Bureau LINCOLN — A dispute sparked by a student arriving at school with a scratched face and dried, smelly feces on his hands and wrists wound up in court Monday. North Platte teacher Christie Copper and school guidance counselor Stephen Spiehs reported the late March incident to state authorities as suspected child abuse or neglect. On Monday, the two filed a complaint in Lincoln County District Court claiming that school administrators responded to the case by directing …

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What do sunscreen, bug spray, and prevention have in common?

One of the best safeguards against child sexual abuse is our relationships with our children. Holidays provide a great opportunity to strengthen those relationships, promote conversation, and of course, relax and have fun with family. So what do sunscreen, bug spray, and prevention have in common? Trick question – it’s all prevention and all should be part of our basic holiday safety plan! Here are a few tips to help you create a safe and happy holiday for your family: SHARE THESE TIPS!

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Keeping Children Safe All Summer Long

Summer is often a favorite time of the year for everyone, especially for kids. Vacations, sports and faith based programs, camps, and more provide a variety of ways that children can enjoy their time before heading back to school. As parents and concerned adults, it’s important we know how to keep the children in our lives safe as they participate in all the activities the summer has to offer. Choosing the right programs and ensuring there are policies in place to protect your child are …

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Jep Robertson’s Myth-Busting Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse

Jep Robertson, a featured cast member of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” reality show, has disclosed that at age six, he was sexually abused by an older youth. Talking about child sexual abuse is one of the bravest actions a survivor can take. Those who disclose abuse often face disbelief and even victim shaming from those who do not understand the issue, or how difficult it is for survivors to share their experiences. We have seen that with Robertson, as well. When less than 40 percent of …

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Moving the conversation from scandal to prevention

In my time at D2L, it hasn’t been the statistics or the headlines that startle me most. Instead, it’s the lack of national awareness of child sexual abuse as an issue that affects everyone and needs to be addressed. We believe children should have environments that protect and nurture, but we don’t see that this issue is affecting children in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes. I am guilty of this, as well. I’ve supported many worthy organizations over the years – animal rescues, cancer organizations, …

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Portrait of a Perpetrator

What does a person who sexually abuses children look like? We hear all the time, “I could tell if he was a child molester.” The reality is that you can’t. Most child molesters aren’t creepy men in vans. They aren’t hardened criminals. They aren’t from one race, gender, or sexual orientation. Those who sexually abuse children look and act just like everyone else. The chances are that you have met an offender and never even realized it. They often seek out “safe” neighborhoods, churches, schools, …

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What Would You Do?

A child is alone in the restroom and an adult tries to walk in. What would you do? This was a decision faced by a young recreation center employee. The facility had a policy prohibiting isolated, one-on-one situations and so the employee was holding the door for children to use the facility restroom one at a time. When the adult tried to walk in, the employee stood his ground and said, “I am sorry, but you can’t use the restroom when children are in there.” …

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