Surviving and Thriving: Sexual abuse survivor looks to spread awareness

Excerpt from The Daily Times. When Rhonda Stinnett first saw the news of a recent court case — wherein a Blount County man was sentenced to probation after the alleged physical and sexual abuse of three young children — she felt sick. Then she felt anger, and then, finally, resolve. Armed with that resolve, she feels moved to share her own experience, in hopes that other children will be spared from the pain she endured. “Something inside me just clicked,” says Stinnett. “I could not …

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Mother Should Enforce Daughter’s Boundaries

Excerpt from “Dear Prudence” on Recently, the following question was sent to’s “Dear Prudence,” Emily Yoffe: Q. Daughter Doesn’t Want to Visit Grandfather: My father is in his 80s and lives in an assisted-living home. He has always had an excellent relationship with his grandkids, including my daughter, age 13. My daughter is an early bloomer and very sensitive about her new body. She also looks much older than she is. A few weeks ago, when we were visiting my father, a few …

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Who Is Responsible for Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse?

By: Jayneen Sanders Some advocates believe it is solely an adult’s responsibility to protect children from sexual abuse. While I totally agree that adults must: Educate the child in their care in Body Safety Education Become educated themselves in: grooming techniques used by perpetrators, statistics on child sexual abuse, the signs that a child is being sexually abused, what to do if a child disclose Believe a child when they disclose Educate the wider community in the importance of protecting children from sexual abuse Let friends, family and those …

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A Survivor Tells Her Story

Sometimes we are asked why we use the term survivor instead of victim. This is why. Words cannot express the admiration we have for survivors like Anna Lee Gruenwald, who are able to not only overcome, but to speak up about their abuse to help others. Thank you, Anna. For more information on preventing child sexual abuse in your community, visit The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM, or take D2L’s award-winning Stewards of Children® prevention training.

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Wesley’s Story

There comes a point in the life of a child sexual abuse victim when they are presented with a choice – to remain a victim or to cross over and become a survivor. One of the most important choices I made four years ago is to be a survivor, not a victim, and I have never looked back. As a child, my youth pastor was a family friend and colleague of my father. My parents trusted him to be our babysitter and take us on …

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The Georgia Initiative: We don’t do this alone

Darkness to Light exists only because organizations and individuals around the nation take responsibility for preventing child sexual abuse in their own communities. It is an issue which affects each and every one of us — and when we all come together big things can happen. Georgia is a stellar example of this, and we are excited to share with you some of the amazing work that’s been happening there. The Georgia Initiative to prevent child sexual abuse is one of the oldest ongoing initiatives …

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‘Happy Valley’ – One Story Among Millions

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in a special screening of ‘Happy Valley’, a documentary about the aftermath of the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. Matt Sandusky, who was also abused by his adoptive father, is an inspiring central figure in the film. Mike Tollin, Co-Chairman of Mandalay Sports Media (MSM) and founding member of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Foundation (PACE), facilitated a Q&A after the film that Matt Sandusky and I participated in. The documentary originally premiered at the Sundance film festival …

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Darkness to Light’s Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for families and a time to make cherished memories. Here are a few of D2L’s favorite tips to make sure your favorite superheroes, Disney princesses, and zombies are better protected this Halloween. 1. Never accept candy from a stranger. 2. Attend a community event held by your school, faith institution, or community center. 3. If older children are trick-or-treating alone, plan an safe route and means of communication. 4. Enter homes only if you are with a trusted adult. Only …

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Darkness to Light training educates on the child sexual abuse ‘epidemic’

Excerpt from Three years ago, my friend Lane Olives and I sat in the training room at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GCCA) for the first time. Lane had been a supporter of the center for several years, and convinced me and a few other moms to go to a “Darkness To Light” training session at the center. I was a bit anxious about the information I was about to learn – child sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic, and one that I …

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Rising child sexual abuse toll in Jamaica reflects improved detection

Excerpt from The notable increase in reports of child sexual abuse in Jamaica in recent years is due to an improvement in detection systems and the growing responsibility teachers feel to help student victims, an activist told Efe Thursday. Jolie Logan is the president of Darkness to Light, which offered this week in Kingston an educational workshop for teachers, parents, government officials and the general public, an event sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Initiative of Jamaica. The number of reported cases of child sexual …

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