Lumpkin County Reaches The Tipping Point!

Congratulations to Lumpkin County, Georgia, for reaching the Tipping Point! By training 5 percent of their population in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children prevention program, they’ve joined a host of other regions, counties, and states that are taking a stand against child sexual abuse.

Lumpkin County’s number is 1,186. What’s yours?

Lumpkin Tipping Point Edited

2 Responses to Lumpkin County Reaches The Tipping Point!

  • Lumpkin County also was the first school system in Georgia and the 2nd in the country to train 100% of all staff, including bus drives and cafeteria workers. In addition, all but 1 daycare in the county has trained all their staff and we just completed the training for all staff and volunteer coaches in Park and Rec. So from the time a child enters daycare to when they graduate from high school in this county, they will have stewards of children leading and teaching them. That is just a glimpse of what cultural change looks like in this county. More could be told.

  • That is wonderful! Lumpkin County’s dedication to the well-being of their children is very evident.