Stoughton Schools Administration, Faculty Participate in Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Stoughton Public Schools (MA) administrators, nurses and coaches recently partnered with the YMCA-sponsored Darkness to Light Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.

Darkness to Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching adults simple, pro-active steps to help protect children from sexual abuse, is not widely known in the Northeast.  The Old Colony Y and Certified Instructor Susan Komisar Hausman are ensuring that will change.  

As Hausman says, “We are aiming high, looking to train 5% of the adult population in those 31 communities [part of the Old Colony YMCA] in child sexual abuse prevention. That means about 10,000 adults.”

To read the rest of the article please click here.

(L-R): Susan Komisar Hausman, SHS Assistant Principal Hope Fernandes and Director of Nursing Pat Small
Credit: Christine Iacobucci

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